An Anecdote on Division

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Let’s say that some cells are genetically predisposed towards evolution and others are genetically predisposed towards stability. These two are seemingly in opposition. This is division.

There is one particular cell in a fish, an evolutionary minded cell. “Hey, what about webbed feet?”

Met with resistance by a stability seeking cell, “Hell no! What does that even mean?”

Our evolutionary minded cell, hence called Ev, keeps talking though, telling more and more other cells about webbed feet. A few other Evs are like “hey, that’s a good idea!”

Meanwhile as word gets around, a number of stability seeking cells, hence called Stables begin feeling ever more anxious, “what is this nonsense?”

Each camp grows, Evs find more Evs, Stables find more Stables. As the Stables see the Evs growing in number, they begin to crack down on what feels stable, perhaps even resorting to some seemingly archaic methods to do so. The lack of stability is fear inducing. Thus the divide ever widens. But as the Stables dig their heels in the ground, the Evs are beginning to unify feeling more and more like webbed feet are truly what is needed. But their vision lacks clarity, what will these webbed feet look like, how will they work, front, rear, or both? All kinds of questions need answering.

As the Evs unify so do the Stables. Some simply in spite of each other. There are less and less cells in the middle. The war of ideas, the great divide is what is most evident. And with it, the us vs. them begins to strengthen.

Met with resistance the Evs in their growing unity begin to answer these questions, they begin to clarify. So much so, that a Stable or two takes notice. They still seek stability, but with fully clarified vision of webbed feet a couple of them see the now stability of the Ev’s plan. More and more Stables do.

There is a point where critical mass is met, where enough Stables are able to find stability in the Evs plan of webbed feet and the needed shift happens. Yes, now webbed feet is an idea of both evolution and stability, with enough cells from both sides for evolution to occur not as an idea, but as an actuality.

Resistance is needed. Division is playing its role. Both sides are playing their part and evolution cannot happen otherwise.

I do the work that I do because I believe that we are each the social architects of our society. So we can manifest whatever it is we choose and in fact, we do. I see choice as the only force in the universe. I am an artist and though my work is only occasionally in tangible form, my life is my art. The way I walk, talk, move and breathe is my expression. I believe in living in possibility, and want to prove to my kids that anything is possible, even world peace. Anything is possible. I believe that we are moving towards oneness. I work to unify where there is division. I work selfishly to expand my own definition of self till I can act selfishly and towards the good of the universe simultaneously knowing that they are one in the same. In seeking unity I work to counter-measure the us vs. them paradigm. I do all of this as creator of DAY 1, as a yoga teacher at Mudita, on the board of Wild Earth and the Center for Creative Education, as a part of O+, working at the Kingston Farmer’s Market, as a City of Kingston Art Commissioner, just as a human being working in my community and especially as a father.
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